Open Call for volunteers WSC

Mitteilung des WSV:
Open Call for volunteers to support the work of the World Scout Committee

To draw upon the full talent available within our Movement for these working groups, the WSC has decided to launch an “Open Call” for interested volunteers to support the work of the World Scout Committee in the various “areas of work” which are clearly visible in the Business Resolutions and the Triennial Plan 2014-2017 approved in Slovenia. Applicants to this Open Call will be added to a “Volunteer Pool” from which the WSC will draw upon to appoint volunteers to the working groups it decides to set up. Applying for the Open Call does therefore clearly not imply automatic appointment. Also, if the WSC deems the expertise it requires is not available in the “Volunteer Pool” for some reason, it might still reach out to specific experts directly.

The WSC would further like to ask NSOs and potential applicants to the Open Call to keep the following in mind:

  • All applicants to the Open Call will need to be in good standing with their NSO/NSA, and will require endorsement of that NSO. Furthermore, if the WSC decides to appoint a volunteer to a working group, it will again seek formal endorsement of the NSO for this specific role.
  • In line with the approved World Scout Youth Involvement Policy at the 40th World Scout Conference, the WSC aims to ensure that at least 30% of all working group members are below the age of 30 at the moment of appointment.
  • To ensure that the Volunteer Pool resulting from the Open Call therefore has a wide range of competent persons above but also certainly below the age of 30, the WSC specifically wants to ask NSOs to also consider nominating persons below the age of 30. Any NSO endorsing more than two volunteers should ensure that at least one third of them are under the age the age of 30.
  • Gender equality as well as a global spread of volunteers are very key as well for the WSC. We therefore call upon all NSOs to consider endorsing interested and competent members.
  • Expertise at international level within WOSM or another NGO is certainly considered as an asset, but is not essential. Depending on the skillset a person could contribute, it is even conceivable that somebody without national NSO level experience could contribute to certain parts of the work to be done.
  • Each applicant will be required to give an indication of the time commitment he or she can contribute if appointed (expressed in average hours per month). There are no good or bad answers to this – but please ensure your answer is honest and realistic.
  • Further general requirements for participating in World level working groups are: o Access to a high quality Internet connection and able to use virtual working methods (e-mail, Skype, social media and online collaboration platforms) o Good proficiency in English (as most likely this will be the working language of most groups)
  • Reimbursement of expenses for physical meetings (e.g. travel, accommodation) depends on the WSC decision for allocation of financial resources in the next Triennium. Information on this will be distributed at the moment of appointment.
  • The WSC reserves the right to remove someone who doesn’t perform, or does something that’s deemed to be inappropriate during his/her term of service.


To help identify where you could support the WSC as volunteer, we have defined broad “areas of work” based on the outcomes of the 40th World Scout Conference. Further refinement of these areas of work towards a clear scope and objectives will be done by the WSC at its first business meeting in November 2014. Every interested person endorsed by his/her NSO will be able to express interest for a maximum of two areas of work. A full overview is presented below.

  • Youth Engagement: implementing the World Scout Youth Involvement Policy, training youth as external representatives of WOSM, developing intergenerational dialogue tools
  • Educational Methods: e-learning platform, World Scout Youth Events, Spiritual Dimension/Duty to God, revisiting the Scout Method, Youth Programme, Adults in Scouting
  • Diversity & Inclusion: tools for a more diverse and inclusive membership, intercultural dialogue, World Scout Interreligious Forum, gender balance- 3 –
  • Social Impact: active citizens, tools for enhancing employability skills, community service and projects, leadership development
  • External Relations: telling the story of Scouting (support for NSOs), promoting Scouting as a leader of non-formal education (collaboration with UNESCO and ISCED), further developing partnerships with other institutions, advocacy
  • Communications (internal/external): review of current communications channels, further development of intranet, digital engagement, reputational audit, Scouting’s brand
  • Strategy (planning, monitoring, evaluation): membership growth, Global Support, monitoring progress on WOSM policies (World Scout Youth Programme Policy, World Scout Youth Involvement Policy, Adults in Scouting Policy), alignment of regional strategies, monitor progress on the implementation of the Strategy for Scouting 2023
  • Governance and Finance: constitution, fees, voting rights, transparency review, innovate working methods, develop knowledge management system on world level, budget and audit, risk assessments, fundraising, HR


You might be aware that during the last Triennium there was also a “Global Support Resource Pool”. This pool of volunteers mainly existed as a means to map experts available to support NSOs directly within the Global Support framework (e.g. on financial management, youth programme, national board management, …). The difference with this Open Call is that we are now searching for volunteers who want to contribute to World level taskforces, not necessarily to deliver direct support to a particular NSO. It is however the intention of the WSC to continue having a Global Support Resource Pool as mentioned above, but this will only be called for after the different task forces for the next Triennium have been set up.

During the recent World Scout Youth Forum (WSYF) in Slovenia, a call was also done for WSYF participants interested to contribute to World level work to express their interest. Those who did so will receive a copy of this Circular through electronic means and, subject to their NSO’sendorsement, can also apply for this Open Call.


The 40th World Scout Conference approved an ambitious plan and approved a number of Business Resolutions that will entail a lot of work. To deliver qualitative results at the next World Scout Conference in Azerbaijan, it is imperative we can count on the best people our Movement has to offer. We therefore call upon all NSOs to actively search out their best resource persons and ask them to consider applying for this Open Call. Only with your support we will succeed in setting the first steps towards achieving our ambitious Vision for 2023.

Yours in Scouting,

João Armando Gonçalves
WOSM Chairperson, World Scout Committee